Cleaning our Water

Cleaning our water is absolutely essential and we need to progress in this field on a personal, community, national and global level to stop making the problem worse and enact the many solutions listed below.

We can start in our homes by using vinegar and baking soda over harsh chemicals when cleaning. Read your labels. You will not only protect our water and land, but you also won’t be exposing yourself and those close to you to the chemicals as well. There are so many great alternatives out there for cleaning our homes and businesses. Check out some tips to find inspiration for running your home on a greener basis. See our other Pinterest page on Water for one more reality check on what we are doing to the waters of the world. Also, Managing Earth’s Facebook page has dozens of posts highlighting the incredible challenges and innovative solutions to solve the problem of cleaning our water. Check them out, get inspired, and share the wonderful efforts of those trying to clean and protect the waters of the world!

National Geographic: 10 Things you can do to save the ocean

We can’t say enough about the wonderful efforts of 4Ocean and the many volunteers working hard to rid the oceans of plastics and debris. Thank you 4Ocean!

4ocean Facebook page and Video on Cleaning our Water

 4ocean recovers tires that have migrated away from the failed Osborne Reef– People monitoring the reefs to help protect them.

Indiegogo: Cleaning the oceans one marina at a time