Water Capture

Water Capture and Distribution is one of the key issues of our time and is becoming more and more important with each passing year. We must work as a cooperative unit to ensure that everyone has an adequate water supply. Even though great strides are being made all the time, as evidenced by the wonderful innovations and organizations below, we still need to make this a worldwide focus. We are way behind in managing water distribution. Many thanks to all those working so hard around the world to bring usable water to those who are lacking this precious resource! We list many of the organizations below.

We also list links to videos and articles on capturing rainwater and reusing greywater along with the many innovations being developed using solar energy to help capture water from thin air and more.

Check out Managing Earth’s Desalination page for more on distributing water and for more information on Water Capture, Distribution, and Management advancements on our Facebook Page and Pinterest Page.