Cleaning our Air

Cleaning our Air is important to us all.  Read about what you can do yourself to reduce air pollution in your home and community.  Find links for various contacts regarding various issues to do with air quality.  Follow developments in areas of Technology, Community Efforts and Policy to make our air better on many levels. Our Pinterest Page on Indoor Air Pollution details the health effects and solutions to create a better environment in which to live.

Read about 50 ways to clean the airWatch a video on houseplants to clean the air in your home.

90{5a12269bc5a9b910647c542bb5505ebaed4e2911fae70eb013d353483d0ca3ef} of People on the Planet Breathe Dangerously Polluted Air

In many ways, air pollution is the new tobacco – the health risks keep piling up. (via World Economic Forum)

Posted by Climate Reality on Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Air Pollution defined

Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling

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Air Pollution in British Columbia