Cleaning our Air

Cleaning our Air is important to us all.  Read about what you can do yourself to reduce air pollution in your home and community. Find links for various contacts regarding various issues to do with air quality. Follow developments in areas of technology, community efforts, and policy to make our air better on many levels. Managing Earth’s Pinterest Page on Indoor Air Pollution details the health effects and solutions to create a better environment in which to live. Watch a video on houseplants to clean the air in your home.

More and more people are finally coming around to the notion that the number of chemicals in perfumes, colognes, deodourants, hair and skin products, dryer sheets, detergent, etc. are creating a toxic environment, and causing long and short term negative health effects for many. Different scents can bring on different forms of illness, from an instant headache, nausea, or feeling of an assault on one’s central nervous system from the combination of chemicals. Pouring more chemicals into the air is becoming more of an issue now that so many people in societies around the world may have lungs affected by COVID19 and its variants. It won’t be fair to tax their lungs and bodies more by exposing them to the chemicals found in the above-mentioned products when they already have more cleaning chemicals in the air from people trying to prevent the pandemic from spreading. The following article addresses the problem of chemicals creating air pollution:

Collective Evolution: Fragrances and perfumes are being labeled as the new second-hand smoke.

NY1 Study: Deodorants are worse for air pollution than cars

More and more developments in technology are arising to help with air pollution, such as Aquarius Engines’ new hydrogen engine which is a single-piston-linear-engine running completely on hydrogen.