Green Building

Green Building is where its at ‘Green Building’ refers to building structures with eco-friendly materials and also establishing systems within and around the structures to support green operating, saving energy and leaving behind a small ecological footprint, as well as providing a healthy environment for those inhabiting, working, or visiting the structure.

More and more homes and businesses are realizing the importance of ‘Green Building’. Every little step counts. To inspire you, we have collected all kinds of examples, tips, and instructions on Building Green below and on Managing Earth’s Facebook Page and Pinterest Page. Get some ideas for your home or business there and set an example while reaping the health benefits.

Below are links to manufacturers and suppliers taking into consideration material selection, standards and specification, effects on health, along with carbon and waste management.

Building Green is our future.

Green Building Links

Architzer: Green Means Go: 6 of the World’s Highest Rated LEED Certified Buildings

LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Wikipedia on Green Building 

Wikipedia: Sustainable Building plant lettuce garden on a rooftop in Singapore.

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities: North America’s industry association for green roofs and green walls 

Wikipedia: Rainwater Harvesting

Earthship Global: Biotecture – Sustainable Buildings like the one pictured below

Earthship Biotecture Europe – Facebook Page

Wikipedia on Strawbale Building Strawbale Building

Wikipedia on Using Cobs to build structures

Off-Grid World: A Cob House Built Inside A Geodesic Dome In The Arctic

Tiny House Talk: Earthen Dome – Cob-based Building CRI is dedicated to the research of cob properties and the creation of cob building code

CRI-Cob-Research-Institute FB page

Ecobuild Healthy, low-cost, low-carbon building

Ecological-Building-Network FB page

Wikipedia on Off-the-grid

Wikipedia on Rammed Earth Building 

Wikipedian on Autonomous Building 

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Solar Cabin: Video ~ Build Your Own Off-Grid Cabins Full Plans

Wikipedia on Adobe-type building

Wikipedia on Wattle and daub building 

Wikipedia on Earthbag building 

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Wikipedia on Timber Framing

Wikipedia on Green Roofs

Greendreamer: Environmental Organizations Nonprofits for a Sustainable Future

Off-Grid Living & Eco Homesteading – Cordwood Building

Ecovillages & Eco-Communities:

Wikipedia: What is an Ecovillage? – Ecovillages are frequently built with green and/or natural techniques and extend the concept to the design of the whole community.

Planet Community 

Ecovillage Network of Canada

Wikipedia: What is Cohousing?

Cohousing in Canada

Global Ecovillage Network 

FIC (Communities Directory)

Wikipedia: List of Ecovillages

Intentional Communities in Canada

GBD Magazine: Ottawa Carbon Neutral Community



Wikipedia on Ecovillages

Global Ecovillage Network

Communities Directory

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