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Green Building is where its atMore and more homes and offices are realizing the importance of Green Building. Every little baby step counts. To inspire you, we have collected all kinds of examples, tips and instructions on Green Building on Managing Earth Pinterest Page. Get some ideas for your home or business there and set an example while reaping the health benefits.

Green Building Advice, Standards, and Canadian Resources 
Building Green

Canada Green Building Council

Directory of green/sustainable building links, resources, organizations, jobs, courses and events.

Green Building Links

About Green Building / Sustainable Building:
What is Green Building? (more)

Wikipedia Category

Google Directory (more)

Google Search

Green Building News

Green Building in Ottawa

Green Building Councils/Networks/Organizations

Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC)

Ontario Centre for Green Building Design and Development

Cascadia Green Building Council

US Green Building Council

Green Building Education, Training, Workshops, Courses & Events in Canada:

Green Building Events, Workshops, Courses

Green Building Courses


Green Building Conferences

CaGBC Education

Endeavour Centre (Ontario)

Green Building Jobs:
Canada: Green Building Jobs at GoodWork Canada | CaGBC | Light House (BC)
USA: USGBC | USA Jobs in Green Building
More: Canadian green job sites

Green Buildings For Sale or Rent
EcoProperty Canada – eco-houses/homes, buildings, property, real estate for sale or rent in Canada

Specific Approaches and Standards

Built Green Canada

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED)
What is LEED?

Wikipedia article (more)


Passive House / Passivhaus / Passive Building  (Editor’s note: encompasses much more than “passive solar)
What is a Passive House?

Canadian Passive House Institute

Passive Buildings Canada

USA Passive House Institute

Google Search

Passive House News


Net Zero / Zero-energy Building
Zero-energy building

Low-energy building

Net-zero Energy Home Coalition (Canada)

Google Search

Net-zero News


Natural Resources Canada (article)

Active House / Aktivhaus — generates more heat and power than it needs

About Aktivhaus | more

Natural Building

Wikipedia | Google Directory | Search
Strawbale Ontario Strawbale Building Coalition (more) (more)
Earth Construction – includes AdobeCobWattle and daubEarth bagRammed earthStone
Timber Framing
Green Roofs | Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (more)

Self-sufficient Homes / Autonomous Building
Autonomous Building (more)



Ecovillages are frequently built with green and/or natural techniques and extend the concept to the design of the whole community. What is an Ecovillage? (2) | Ecovillage Network of Canada | What is Cohousing? | Cohousing in Canada
Lists of Ecovillages & Eco-Communities:
Worldwide: Global Ecovillage Network (source) | FIC (Communities Directory)
Google Directory | Wikipedia's List of Ecovillages
Canada: Intentional communities in Canada | More (click "directory") | Cohousing
Google Search | Ecovillages listed on EcoProperty Canada
Europe: GEN-Europe | Diggers and Dreamers | Eurotopia | Wikipedia
USA: Ecovillage Network of the Americas | Communities Directory
Ecovillage News: USA | Canada




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