Solar Energy

See new innovations from students, scientists, and cutting-edge companies developing solar energy resources and technology. Read up on new ways being used to harness the abundant power of one of the earth’s best sustainable resources. The solar industry is booming worldwide. Not only is it the most abundant source of energy, but it’s also turning out to be one of the cheapest as well in the end.

Although we would love to see every home have solar panels installed on their roofs, if you are not ready for that stage just yet, you can still access solar power in other forms, both portable and stationary.

Various solar products available include Solar paintsolar streetlights | solar roads and parking lots | solar-powered boats | cars, and aircraft | solar glass panels | glitter-sized solar cells | solar panels roof tiles | ‘Solar Skin’ panels that match roofs | solar panel retracting petals | origami shaped portable chargers | solar blinds | solar-powered backpacks | solar-powered water heaters.

Check all the resources and keep up to date on the latest developments in technology, policy, projects in communities and entire cities and countries, and how solar power continues to expand on Managing Earth’s FB page and Pinterest page. Also find our article: Managing Earth’s article on Solar Power Innovations.

You can also find more information relating to solar power, at, and on the World-Solar-Resource’s FB page.