Wind Energy

Wind EnergyWind Energy has become one of the most relied upon sources of renewable energy in the world. Below are examples of some of the incredibly innovative solutions to harness this clean and abundant power source.

Kudos to scientists, engineers, companies, philanthropists, communities, and individuals going forward and expanding this energy source in all shapes and sizes as seen below. As we come across new and exciting technology in this field, we will continue to add it to the growing list of ingenious developments and projects on this page and the Facebook Page for Managing Earth.

Find everything from massive wind farms serving entire communities to small turbines suitable for individual homes, farms, and businesses. Also find ‘do it yourself installations’ and more posts on the latest news in wind energy on our Pinterest Page.

Wind Turbines on Water

AWEA: Video on Windmills


Watch a video from the American Wind Energy Association as they finish erecting a wind turbine.

Wind Energy Development – states-using-wind-power

Avant Garde Innovations‘s Small Wind Turbine, generating 3-5 kW hours of electricity daily

Wind Turbine Technology

In The Know: Giant wind turbine floating 2,000 ft in the air powers 12 homes

Floating Wind & Solar Powered Desalination Plant

EuroNews: World’s first recyclable wind turbines will be turned into TVs in 30 years’ time

Aeromine Technology’s aerodynamic motionless design captures and amplifies building airflow in wind speeds as low as 5 m.p.h.

Small Wind Turbines Manufacturers

Wind Power Technology

Large Wind Turbines Manufacturers
Wakamatsu wind farm, Kitakyushu (Japan)